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Why an 0345 Number Encourages Calls to Your Business

12th January 2021

If you run your own business – whether via an office, a call centre, or simply through your own mobile phone – you will likely already know that there are a few options out there to help you encourage new customers to call and connect with you. You may even have thought about setting up […]

How Do Virtual Numbers Actually Work?

20th November 2020

When it comes to running any kind of business in the modern age, flexibility is essential. Not only should you be running a fantastic quality of care and line of products, you should make sure that your customers and callers can get in touch with you as flexibly as possible. But when you’re dealing with […]

Myths and Facts About 0800 Numbers You Need to Know

20th October 2020

Trends in corporate and business numbers are always likely to come and go. That’s why there are often so many different choices out there! However, it’s sometimes easy to fall into the trap of believing that what works for one business, is always going to work for you. For example, in some cases, business owners […]

Why are 0800 Numbers So Good for Business?

29th September 2020

Whether you’ve needed to make plenty of calls to various companies in the past, or if you’ve been running your own firm for a while, it’s likely you know the power of a good phone number. Sure – it’s really convenient to use a mobile number for the first few months of business, but what […]

How A Virtual Landline Can Grow Your Business?

27th January 2020

If you’ve just started a new business, you’re going to require a business phone number. It probably sounds like a good idea to use your mobile phone. But you might be surprised by the number of customers that hate the idea of calling a mobile. It suggests that they are dealing with a small business […]

Types of Virtual Phone Systems

10th January 2020

This is as good a time as any to get a virtual phone system for your business. Virtual phone systems are popular because they are cheap and easy to use. They also make communication more efficient. However, a lot of people start shopping for virtual phone systems without first determining what they want. This is […]

The Different Ways of Using Virtual Phone Numbers

1st November 2019

In the beginning, people were drawn to virtual numbers primarily for the forwarding function they offered. But these days, they have become the perfect virtual assistant, handling everything from voicemail to messaging. Virtual phone numbers are becoming an integral part of modern life, cementing their presence in settings and circles such as the following: At […]

Benefits of 0345 Numbers

25th October 2019

Believe it or not, 0345 numbers are a relatively recent invention. Today, they are typically associated with government organisations and businesses. Government departments and businesses also favour 0800 numbers which are free to call. 0800 numbers were first introduced by British Telecom, back in 1985. And their popularity is easy enough to understand. The fact […]

Virtual Phone Numbers ― Understanding the Basics

18th October 2019

We sell virtual phone numbers. Most of you know this. We would like to presume that most of you also understand what virtual phone numbers are but that is probably not true. More than likely, you have a basic idea of what the term ‘Virtual Number’ entails but you might not fully comprehend the concept. […]

0345 Numbers – What You Need to Know

11th October 2019

Some people do not ponder the telecommunication system in the UK. They are more than happy to dial whatever phone number is necessary regardless of the impact it might have on their phone bill. But they are in the minority. The majority of consumers pay close attention to the kinds of phone numbers they have […]