0300 Numbers: What You Need to Know

20th September 2019

Some charities are known for their aggressive marketing tactics, and the same goes for certain government departments. If you have ever received a phone call from a charity organisation, only to find that you couldn’t identify the location from where they were calling, the organisation in question was probably using a 0300 number.


As far as most people know, 0300 numbers were innovated by Ofcom, a telecoms regulator in the UK. The objective was to create a code that would provide public organisations and charities a single point of contact nationally. You could argue that the 0300 number has become a marketing tool that makes charities and public organisations immediately recognisable.


This is the defining attribute of 0300 numbers. They are similar to 01 and 02 numbers in most other aspects except for the fact that they are not linked to any specific geographical location. In a way, 0300 numbers are the exact opposite of 01 and 02 numbers.

For charities, the detachment from geographical locations that 0300 numbers provide is critical for their marketing efforts. There are people who won’t support certain charities because those organisations are situated in specific parts of the country.

Some people have personal biases that drive them to act this way. Other individuals have no interest in supporting causes that affect people who live so far away. 0300 numbers eliminate such considerations. Charities can use them to appeal to people from all corners of the country regardless of where their premises might be located.


This issue causes a lot of confusion for so many people. Because 0300 numbers are typically associated with charities, people think that they are free but that isn’t the case. Calling an 0300 number is no different from calling an 01 or 02 number. You have to part with a connection and duration fee.

You can also apply any free minutes and special bundles you might have acquired from your service provider. This is applicable to individuals using landlines and mobile phones. Additionally, no one will charge you an extra fee for calling an 0300 number.

Put simply, all network rates remain unchanged with 0300 numbers. That being said, those companies that acquire 0300 numbers from uswill tell you that we do not charge them for receiving phone calls. Once you have paid your monthly fee, you can receive as many calls as you want and talk for as long as you require without incurring any additional costs.

We also offer add-ons like recording, queuing, call handling, and zone routing, to mention but a few.


You have already been told above that 0300 were designed with charities and public organisations in mind, not to mention NGOs. Telecommunication companies are expected to adhere strictly to those criteria whenever they issue 0300 numbers.

In fact, Ofcom has a list of organisations and bodies that have received approval to use 0300 numbers. That list can be found on their website. It is always growing, and so are the criteria that govern phone companies when it comes to assigning 0300 numbers. Ofcom’s guidelines encompass Scottish agencies and organisations in Northern Ireland.

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