10 Reasons 0800 Numbers are Key to Startup Success

24th May 2017

A memorable phone number, such as an 0800 freephone number, can have significant positive effects on startup businesses. If you’re aiming for startup success, an 0800 number will support your business in the early stages by making it easier to grow and expand. The benefits are so impressive that you’ll be rather surprised.

Read on to discover the wealth of benefits of an 0800 number.

1. You’ll appear less regional – you can enjoy nationwide appeal with an 0800 number.
What’s so great about nationwide appeal? You’ll open up a whole realm of opportunities if you portray yourself as a national business. People like to keep things local, we understand that, but if someone is offering an amazing product or an exclusive service further afield, it’s not uncommon for the customer to flinch when they see a different area code to their own.

For example, a customer in Newcastle searches for a new hot tub. He clicks on a website and everything looks and sounds really great so he searches for the business’ contact details. Ah, what a shame, they’re all the way in Somerset – far too far away. The next website he finds has a local area code which feels, somehow, much safer and more reliable but they don’t have the model he’s looking for. The third website ticks all the boxes just like the first website, plus it has an 0800 number which the customer is sure means that they’ll deliver nationwide, not to mention it’ll be free to call. You can clearly see the effect that an 0800 number has on our psychology – if only the first website had an 0800 they would have secured the sale, shame.

You see, advertising a number such as an 0800 number means you’re not tying yourself to your immediate location, therefore casting a much larger net to attract potential customers.

2. You’ll give the impression that your business is such bigger than it is – first impressions count and you’ll be creating a sense of trust and reliability from the start. If your business is a two-man-band or a mum and daughter enterprise managed from your modest home an 0800 will automatically create a professional look, unlike a regional or mobile number. By utilising an 0800 you will put yourself in a credibility-boosting position straight away so you can focus more on your unrivalled services or pioneering product, rather than constantly proving that you’re as grand and established as the big players.

3. You’ll make it easier and simpler to expand or relocate – because 0800 numbers are virtual, you can take them anywhere you go. This is brilliant because when you inevitably grow and find yourself moving to larger premises, you’ll be able to limit any upheaval by keeping your same trusted and recognisable phone number. Moving premises is stressful and the thought of out-of-date phone numbers in directories, advertisements and of course in your customers’ own telephone books can be a scary prospect – not so with a virtual 0800 number.

4. You can choose a highly memorable 0800 number – you can make it really easy for your customers to call you by taking advantage of a memorable 0800 number. Not only is this desirable from a memorable point of view, but your number will also look professional and established – the perfect way for a start-up to make a positive first impression.

5. You’ll save money – without the need for a receptionist overseeing the phone line, you could save money from the moment your phone line is live – a big plus for start-ups. This is made possible because Numbersales’ 0800 numbers can come complete with a virtual call receiving system which automatically receives and allocates calls as well as enabling your customers to be professionally and seamlessly guided through an automated system which aims to see their needs met and queries answered quickly and stress-free.

6. You’ll provide highly effective customer service – if the thought of foregoing a receptionist worries you a little, it needn’t. The virtual package from Numbersales  is so efficient and professional that your customers are unlikely to notice your lack of receptionist and in fact, they are more likely to be put through to the required department or person far quicker, all without having to repeat themselves to different call handlers.

7. You’ll be able to analyse every call – as a business with an 0800 number from Numbersales, you’ll benefit from a highly proficient analytic package. Not only will you enjoy exceptional customer service from our own knowledgable experts, you’ll gain full access to a wide range of tools in our incredible online portal, enabling you to analyse lots of different data about your incoming calls; including how long it takes you to fix customers’ problems, the time it takes to make a sale or close a deal as well as gaining an insight into when the busiest time of the day is, which is very useful in making sure you have access to enough call agents.

8. You can easily measure the success of marketing campaigns – as part of our analytic package, you will be able to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. This tool is a superb way to analyse call flow, publication success and much more. As 0800 numbers are virtual, you can have several numbers feeding into the same phone; for example, one of your 0800 numbers could be used for an online advertisement whilst another could be displayed in a newspaper advert. This marketing method will allow you to quickly and easily analyse the success of your individual campaigns.

9. You have the opportunity to work remotely – if you work from home or if travelling is a frequent occurrence in your business, you’ll be able to use the same number wherever you are. You can set up call forwarding with virtual freephone numbers to both landline and mobile numbers without anyone realising, so your customers, and employees, can carry on as normal with absolutely no disruption whatsoever.

10. You encourage your customers to call – as a start up, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to make contact and get the sale-ball rolling. With an 0800 number you can do exactly that because they’re free to call from landlines and most mobiles. This free-to-call number will no doubt encourage your customers to take the first step in making telephone contact with you. Some mobile phone providers still charge their customers to call 0800 numbers, however, there are mobile apps out there available for download which allow people to make free calls to freephone numbers; we suggest you make this as clear as possible on your website.

As you can see, freephone 0800 numbers are a valuable asset to any business, but they can be particularly helpful in the early stages of a new business. If you’d like to find out more about the extensive range of 0800, 0844, 0333 and 01/02 numbers from Numbersales, simply click here. Alternatively, you can chat to a member of our friendly team by calling 0800 357 622.