Communicating better with our clients and customers

Don’t Do This When You Put a Customer on Hold

6th September 2019

Your customer experience is so important these days. Your clients need to feel like you value them from the point they start dialing your company’s number to the moment they ultimately hung up. This is why you are discouraged from putting your customers on hold. No one likes being put on hold and it tends […]

Setting Up Inbound Calling Services

30th August 2019

The approach you use when you handle your business phone calls matters. Customers need to know that every query they send your way will be met with professionalism. This is how reputations are made and broken. If you begin to attract a series of complaints regarding the way your company treats customers over the phone, […]

What to Do When a Phone Company Refuses to Port Your Number

23rd August 2019

Number porting isn’t a luxury that phone companies can choose to either offer or reject. Phone numbers are as important to a company’s identity as its logo. The same applies to individuals. Number portability matters because most people hate the idea of memorising an entirely new phone number whenever they change service providers. Most people […]

What is VoIP and the benefits of a virtual phone system?

19th August 2019

What is VoIP? Quite simply, VoIP sends all your incoming and outgoing phone calls via the internet rather than through a traditional phone line. The handsets are connected into your router and our network instead of an on premise PBX so you can receive all your calls via VoIP anywhere in the world. You’ll be […]

The Benefits of Voicemail for Your Business

16th August 2019

By now, most of you understand the importance of crafting a professional voicemail greeting. You also probably know how to keep your greetings succinct and unique. But maybe you don’t understand why we even bother including the feature in any of our marketing. After all, in this day and age, does voicemail even matter to […]

Voicemail Etiquette for Your Virtual Landline

9th August 2019

Virtual landlines are far superior to traditional landlines. However, they also retain many of the functions that you normally find in a traditional landline. For this reason, do not be too quick to presume that you do not need voicemail just because you have made the switch to a virtual landline. We have had these […]

Benefits of Memorable Phone Numbers to a Business

31st July 2019

Do you remember the last time you had an emergency? Do you remember how easy it was to dial the number for the relevant medical or law enforcement agency? On the one hand, you could argue that emergency numbers are so prevalent in most forms of media today that you cannot help but remember them. […]

0800 Numbers: Everything You Need to Know

25th July 2019

0800 numbers are free-to-call. They allow consumers in the United Kingdom to call businesses in the country for free. In other words, the business has to incur the cost of the phone call. We understand 0800 numbers quite well because we sell them. But the same cannot be said for most other people who use […]

Phone Systems: The Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

18th July 2019

We exist because phone systems are so complicated. Of course, this isn’t always obvious to most people, not until they open their own small business. A phone system is as crucial to the success of a company as the staff. This is why we try to simplify the field. We know that even the process […]

Why buy a virtual phone number?

7th June 2019

Here at we offer a wide range of virtual phone numbers to suit your business needs, including regional 01 & 02 numbers, 03 numbers, and free-to-call 0800 numbers. What are virtual numbers? Virtual numbers are phone numbers that aren’t tied to a specific phone device or phone line. You can choose any of the […]