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How to demonstrate a local presence with a virtual phone number

25th April 2019

Here at we offer virtual phone numbers that will let you demonstrate a local presence even though you might not be located in the vicinity.  Appear to be a local business with a virtual phone number A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is not tied to a specific phone device or […]

Why 2019 Is The Time to Switch To VoIP

1st March 2019

VoIP technology is nothing new, but companies continue to experience new benefits from making the switch. If you’re considering whether this is for you in 2019, it is time to look at the reasons to why you should switch to a VoIP service and why so many have already. Here at we offer a […]

Why your business needs an 0800 number

16th January 2019

It’s increasingly important to ensure your business advertises with an attractive phone number as it can have a huge effect on encouraging (or discouraging) new customers. This is why your business needs an 0800 number: They’re Totally Free For Your Customers to Call 0800s are completely free to call from all UK landlines and mobiles. […]

Why Port Your 0800 to

17th January 2018

Your business telephone number is vital to the success of your business, but it’s also equally important to ensure you’re getting good value for money. Porting your 0800 to is quick, simple and also free.  You won’t experience any downtime. You’ll be able to keep your existing 0800 (or any phone number for that […]

Control your customer’s journey with a Call Routing Plan

12th September 2017

With a business telephone number (such as an 0300, 0333, 0345, 0800 Freephone, or a free 0845 number) you have a wealth of add-ons available to you, each of which can help your business. A call routing plan means that you have full control of where your number goes at exactly what time, […]

6 Reasons why a call answering service will benefit your business

13th August 2017

It can be difficult running a small business. Particularly if you’re often busy and aren’t able to answer all of your telephone calls as they come in, potentially missing valuable business. With a live call answering service, a friendly operative will take your incoming calls – either just the ones you can’t get to, or […]

International Freephone Numbers Help Gain Business

12th June 2017

Here’s a scenario I’m sure some of you have spotted before, you’ve found the perfect supplier for your business at a reasonable cost and you’re ready to buy. You have a question though, just a quick one before you’re ready to hit confirm. You go to the companies contact number, they’re based abroad and they’re […]

10 Reasons 0800 Numbers are Key to Startup Success

24th May 2017

A memorable phone number, such as an 0800 freephone number, can have significant positive effects on startup businesses. If you’re aiming for startup success, an 0800 number will support your business in the early stages by making it easier to grow and expand. The benefits are so impressive that you’ll be rather surprised. Read on […]

Why should my business buy an 0345 number?

19th May 2017

By now most of the country is familiar with 03 numbers, they come in the form of 0333, 0345, 0344 and 0330. They can be dialled at local rate from landlines and are often included in any free monthly mobile minutes someone has on their contract. Still we get the question, why should we as […]

The Withdrawal of 0500 Numbers

6th February 2017

Originally created in 1982, the 0500 prefix is set to be withdrawn by Ofcom in mid 2017.  Despite being one of the longest serving freephone numbers, it has become unpopular and unrecognisable in recent years. As of 3rd June 2017, 0500 numbers will be withdrawn from use and users will have the option to redirect […]