Phone Systems: The Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

18th July 2019

We exist because phone systems are so complicated. Of course, this isn’t always obvious to most people, not until they open their own small business.

A phone system is as crucial to the success of a company as the staff. This is why we try to simplify the field. We know that even the process of securing low-cost phone numbers for small businesses is fraught with challenges.

But again, this is never obvious to most burgeoning entrepreneurs, not until it’s too late. They are drawn to making the following mistakes:

Most office buildings situated in urban areas have already been configured with specific phone services.

A lot of managers are tempted to adopt the phone services they encounter whenever they move into a new office building. They believe that it is easier to use the infrastructure that is already in place, to build the company’s phone systems.

But this is rarely encouraged. When it comes to phone services, the need matters. The services and packages one company might consider favourable could just as easily prove detrimental to another.

Just because a building has already been configured with a particular phone service doesn’t mean you have to adopt it as well, not when it could prove to be even more expensive and inefficient in the long run.

As the manager of a small business, you are better off configuring your own phone system from scratch, a task that is quite easy to accomplish if you have the right VoIP Service.

Contracts matter

Sometimes small business owners are so enamoured by the attractive offerings of certain phone services and system providers that they inadvertently walk into contracts that are too long and too expensive to escape.

It isn’t a case of business owners not reading the fine print. Rather, it never occurs to them that their needs as a company might change in the future and they might have to alter their phone systems and service providers accordingly.

So they walk into inescapable contracts with open eyes instead of relying on VoIP services that are much more flexible.

Flexibility is crucial in communication, and any service provider that can’t offer you flexible terms isn’t worth your time or money.

Phone systems and services are sold in packages

And you would think that every business owner would understand the importance of investing in a business level phone system from the beginning.

But that isn’t always the case. So many business owners start so small, often working out of their homes, that they think it makes rational sense to spend money on communication solutions intended for home use.

But that is a mistake because only business-centric phone systems and services can offer you the features you need to create the façade of a thriving, professional establishment. A home-based system isn’t just inefficient for a growing business.

It will harm your reputation and create doubt in the minds of potential clients. Even if you have a home office, it is imperative that you acquire a business phone number separate from your regular landline.

Small business owners that are working from home typically fail to secure business level phone systems because they are incapable of planning for growth.

It has become commonplace for business managers to adopt phone systems that can only serve them at the present. Yes, they have the option of expanding the capacity and scope of their phone systems as the need arises but such people do not consider the exorbitant costs involved.

The ease of expansion has to factor into every decision you make regarding your phone systems. Otherwise, productivity will suffer down the line.

It is also worth noting that the use of mobile phone numbers hurts the reputation of a business. Your company needs a dedicated business phone number. This is where you can count on NumberSales for low-cost business phone numbers and other services ranging from memorable numbers to virtual landline numbers to VoIP phone numbers, and more.

Mobile phone numbers are attractive because they are so easy to acquire and manoeuvre. But a dedicated business phone number will give your firm the professional image it needs to secure the loyalty of uncertain customers.

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