Stay on Track with Call Tracking!

18th August 2016

Getting the best return from your advertising and marketing efforts is high on the list of priorities for any business, but how can you accurately measure the effectiveness of each campaign?

Stay on track!

Call Tracking from NumberSales enables you to quickly, easily and effectively monitor how successful each of your individual marketing campaigns are. Our online analysis tools enable you to precisely track where each call is coming from; this means if you have 10 different numbers in use you can keep a close eye on which numbers are performing most successfully.

Do you know which advertising campaign is your most successful?

With Call Tracking you’ll always know exactly how each of your campaigns are performing. Having this information at your fingertips creates endless opportunities to hone and customise future marketing campaigns with relative ease to ensure maximum effectiveness and return on investment. Once you’re logged onto our online portal you will see which advertisements and publications (online and printed), days of the week and even size of adverts are the most effective. From here you can determine which advertising campaign works best for you.

A closer look

For example, if you chose our Tracker 5 package you would receive five 08xx, 0333 or 01/02 numbers (or a mixture of all three) for just £35 a month. You may find that in one month you received:

• 100 calls from your 0812 number
• 50 calls from your 0813 number
• 300 calls from your 0814 number
• 500 calls from your 0815 number

This would tell your that your 0814 and 0815 numbers are the most effective and from here you’ll be able to increase your marketing budget, pull your other campaigns or learn from their successes and pass them on to future campaigns.

If you’d like to manage your marketing campaigns more effectively and get the most from your investments click here to find out more about Call Tracking or call 0800 357 622 and talk to a member of our friendly team.