Top 10 Tips For Bringing in Extra Sales

4th May 2016

We all know that extra sales usually equals extra profit, but how do you go about bringing in more business? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 business tips…

  1. Big it up
    Focus on how your product or service will actively help save your consumers time, money, stress, etc. rather than simply what it does. Laura didn’t buy a new washing machine because it was snow white or because it has a big red button; she bought it because it will save her money and/or time in the long run.
  2. Get out there
    Networking events are your best friend. Get out your professional, eye catching business cards and start mingling. Making new contacts in your locality is a great way to create new business and it’s also a brilliant way to increase your referrals via word of mouth.
  3. Promote your business on social media
    You needn’t spend hours on this. Learn about ‘Twitter hours’, find marketing and business groups both locally and nationally. Holding regular giveaways and competitions are great ways to increase your exposure via social media; think of all those extra shares, followers, post likes, retweets and increased traffic to your site…
  4. ‘Refer a friend and enjoy 20% off’
    People LOVE money off; free gifts or cash in exchange for referrals is a great way to keep connected with your existing or past customers, as well as keeping your relationship positive and productive and gaining new customers.
  5. Incentivise
    Who doesn’t love a bargain? You’ll often find that once someone has tried your product or service they’ll be hooked. Get them interested and prompt a sale by offering a healthy discount or BOGOF offer.
  6. Expand your markets
    If you sell in your town, try selling in your local city. If you’re selling in your local city try and expand to your county, and so on. You’ll be multinational before you know it!
  7. Be contactable
    Are you checking your social media messages regularly? Do you have a fast response rate to emails? Do you have an efficient phone service? You need to make it incredibly easy for people to make contact.
  8. Find new ways to sell your product or service
    Can you wholesale or franchise? Creating new ways to sell your product or service increases your chances of extra sales!
  9. Think outside of the box
    Come up with new and alternative uses for your product or service that could inspire new demographics. For example, a furniture company could advertise their blanket box as a toy box, too.
  10. Multiple payment options
    Think about the different ways your customers can pay. Whether that be by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. By offering choice when it comes to payment you’ll keep your customers happy!