Why buy a virtual phone number?

7th June 2019

Here at numbersales.com we offer a wide range of virtual phone numbers to suit your business needs, including regional 01 & 02 numbers, 03 numbers, and free-to-call 0800 numbers.

What are virtual numbers?

Virtual numbers are phone numbers that aren’t tied to a specific phone device or phone line. You can choose any of the virtual numbers we offer and have them routed to any destination number – landline or mobile. You can even choose virtual numbers from other countries – toll free and geographic numbers that route to your business in the UK.


Online control –  you get access to our online control panel, allowing you to make real-time changes to the routing of your virtual numbers whenever you like and from anywhere you have an internet connection.

No new equipment or lines needed – the incoming calls to your virtual numbers are routed to your existing phone lines. And you can still make and receive calls on these numbers too – the virtual numbers won’t replace anything.

Take the numbers anywhere  – If you’re relocating your business or just out of the office for a bit, you can redirect your incoming calls to a new destination number – your mobile for instance.

Business image – With a virtual phone number, you can significantly enhance your business image. For example, you could choose a memorable 0800 even if you’re a small company – your customers might well think that you’re a well established, large business, operating UK wide.

Business presence – Your business can appear to be locally based, even if you are not.  Most people prefer dealing with local service providers when they can.

Extra features – With a virtual phone number you can have many extra hosted ‘virtual PBX’ features such as call recording, automated calling menus, call queuing, time of day routing and more – unlike a conventional phone line, all these features can be added without buying extra equipment, or hiring a comms manager!

Choose which type of virtual number is right for your business

With a regional 01 or 02 number, you can choose exactly where you would like to appear geographically located. For example, you could choose a central London 020 number, even though you might not be based anywhere near London!  These numbers are perfect if you’re advertising your business in London, as most people prefer dealing with local businesses.

Free to call – 0800 numbers

The most obvious benefit of having an 0800 number is that they’re completely free for people to call.  This sends a really positive message as it shows that you want people to call your business. Statistics show that 90% of people trust and recognise 0800 as a free to call number and as a result of this you’ll see a marked increase in advertising response rates – by as much as 185%!

0330, 0333 & 0345 numbers

03 numbers are essentially free to call for the majority of people as most have 03 numbers included in their monthly calling packages. In the rare instance that a customer’s inclusive minutes’ package doesn’t cover them, they’ll simply pay the same per minute rate as if they were calling an 01 & 02 number outside their package.

Here at Numbersales.com, all your incoming calls routing to a landline are completely free for you to receive. Over the years, 03 numbers have increased in popularity due to being inexpensive to call and of course, inexpensive to own.

As 03 numbers are also NGN numbers, you can advertise your 03 number and start attracting enquiries from all over the UK as you can’t be judged on your location.

If you are interested in getting a virtual number for your business, call us free on 0800 44 99 66 to find out more.