VoIP Phone Numbers

Enjoy smaller phone bills when you move to a VoIP phone service

If you’ve been thinking about switching to VoIP, 2019 is a great time to take the plunge.

  • All your calls go via the internet instead of the phone networks
  • We build you a made-to-measure setup with as many numbers as you want
  • You can get an office handset for each line or allocate some to your mobiles
  • You connect to the internet and our network via regular Ethernet ports
  • Mobiles can tap into your VoIP via a simple app
  • Keep your current numbers
  • Add all the virtual switchboard services you need like call queuing
  • Get up and running in five days

Your virtual switchboard in the cloud

Tailored to your business' needs

Order as many VoIP numbers as you need and we can tailor the set up of them in a way that matches your organisation’s system.

Choose from our wide selection of handsets

To get started, all you’ll need is a new VoIP handset which plugs into your broadband’s Ethernet

Receive your calls anywhere

Our hosted service enables you to receive calls anywhere that you can plug your VoIP handset in (to the internet).  You can also choose to integrate your mobile phone into your VoIP system.

Virtual switchboard services included as standard

We offer a comprehensive collection of call-handling and virtual PBX features with our VoIP system such as voicemail, advanced call routing features, queuing and more.

Use your existing phone number

Choose brand new numbers or  keep your existing ones.  We’ll set up the VoIP service you need.

Ideal for growing businesses

Ultra-flexible configurations

A VoIP phone number sends and receives all its calls via the internet, giving peerless call quality and an easy-to-expand network that’s totally flexible to your organisation’s changing needs.

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